Discuss, and “Meet the President”!

Dear fellow Researchers,

We kindly invite you to the event “Meet the President”, which will take place on Tuesday 25th October at 17:00 in the Teatro (Badia).

The new president is glad to meet the researchers, introduce himself and his ideas on the future of the EUI, and most importantly to engage in a discussion with you. “Meet the President” is an initiative by the researcher representatives of all four departments to facilitate communication between the researchers and the president. It gives researchers a unique opportunity to directly address the president, and to raise their ideas and concerns regarding the institutional framework of the EUI or the academic environment at the departments. The meeting will be chaired by one of the researcher representatives.

The first “Meet the President” will be an opportunity to get to know the new president of the EUI, discuss his vision for the EUI and give direct feedback on the execution of the Allocation Plan (Move). The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. President’s Introduction: Setting the new agenda of the Institute
  2. Researchers’ feedback on the execution of the Allocation Plan / the move to Villa Salviati
  3. Other business

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and remain at your disposal should you have any questions in advance.

Sincerely, Your Reps.